Retiree Health Choices

Creating Technologies to Help Retirees Choose Their Optimal Health Insurance

Retiree Health Choices (RHC) creates innovative online technologies designed to make Medicare decisions more consumer friendly.

Retiree Health Choices (RHC) was founded in 2010 by a group of health care and insurance professionals familiar with the ins and outs of the Medicare market. Knowing the complexity of the sector and the confusion surrounding Medicare decisions, this privately held company began developing online products and exchange-based services to meet growing consumer demand for better Medicare decision-making tools.

Why is it important to plan for health care in retirement?

Health care costs are the most significant expense facing most people in retirement. For a typical married couple, these expenses will be several hundred thousand dollars. At the same time, transitioning to Medicare and picking the right health insurance plan is very complicated—Medicare is different than pre-65 health insurance and the typical retiree has dozens of different types of plans to choose from.

RetireeHealthChoices is building consumer-friendly online tools to help users plan for Medicare and make better choices.

RHC has developed a range of tools to help users plan for their health care expenses in retirement, understand the differences between different health insurance options, and choose their best coverage. Our tool allows the user to answer several simple questions, and receive a personalized report showing what total costs are likely to be under different Medicare Supplement plans. Our lifetime calculator allows users to estimate their total health care costs in retirement and begin the process of saving for this expense.

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